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The Polish Transport Holdings company was founded in 1997 by Christopher Watts, who came to Poland to create the famous Polish Express company as a branch of the British passenger transport giant National Express. This pioneering for the time being project in Poland, introduced a new standard to intercity transport and was highly appreciated by travelers until the decision of the foreign investor to withdraw from the market.
For over 20 years of the company's operation, many leading enterprises related to the passenger transport industry have benefited from the knowledge and experience of PTH, including Alexander Dennis, Arriva, Bus Éireann, First Group and Stagecoach Group. In addition to providing consulting services, PTH was also responsible for carrying out several bus drivers recruitment campaigns for bus operations in Great Britain, Germany and Italy. As a result, almost a thousand drivers and several dozen mechanics from Poland found employment with our help.
The employee recruitment project commissioned by the Stagecoach Group - one of the largest bus service providers on the British market, was carried out in 2005-2008. Stagecoach UK Bus has expressed a requirement for experienced drivers to work in various regions of the UK - with the largest groups of drivers going to bases in the cities of Manchester and Aberdeen. The process of selecting the best candidates included job interviews, practical tests and language training.
In 2012-2013, PTH carried out a similar recruitment campaign of bus drivers for the German provider of regional and school bus services - BRH ViaBus - a subsidiary of the British group Marwyn Transport. In 2014–2015, PTH recruited coach drivers to service long-distance connections operated by Megabus Europe (a subsidiary of Stagecoach Group) from bases located in Germany and Italy.
PTH's advisory services were used by the largest British bus operator - First Group. In 2005 and 2006, we conducted detailed analyses for our client in the field of direct investments in Polish passenger transport companies. The series of reports was devoted, to characteristics of the Polish market, legal realities, and the identification and assessment of potential business entities that could be the subject of acquisitions.
Other foreign entities that used the analyses of the Polish bus transport market prepared by PTH include the British bus manufacturer Alexander Dennis and the Israeli group Egged Holding, the owner of the Mobilis company operating in Poland.
PTH also provided its services in the field of optimization of operational activities for companies operating outside Poland. The long-term cooperation has included the optimization of the use of resources in various Stagecoach UK Bus bases and has resulted in savings of millions of British pounds. On a smaller scale, similar orders were made for the largest British transport group - National Express, as well as for one of the largest bus operators in Ireland - Bus Éireann.
The efforts to bring a breath of fresh air to the Polish bus market culminated in the cooperation with one of the richest Scottish businessmen - Sir. Brian Souter - the founder of the Stagecoach Group. For 12 months, a small team of experts worked on building the project from scratch, which made its debut in summer 2011 under the brand name - PolskiBus.com. The new carrier quickly won the hearts of travelers by offering them a previously unavailable standard of services (modern VanHool high-floor coaches with W-Fi access and 230V sockets under each seat), as well as a modern online ticket booking system based on the model used by airlines.

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Currently PTH Sp. z o.o. mainly acts as a retailer and distributor of bathroom equipment.
We would like to invite you to visit our website www.intuitionbathrooms.pl, as well as our showroom located at Inflancka 11 in Warsaw.