Completed projects

A project carried out in 2010-2011 aimed at building from scratch a new Polish operator of domestic and international bus connections, commissioned by Souter Investments - a private investment fund controlled by the founder of the Stagecoach Group.

Stagecoach UK Bus

A driver recruitment project carried out over several years, commissioned by the Stagecoach Group (one of the largest passenger carriers in Great Britain), as a result of which over 500 drivers and several dozen mechanics were employed at the company’s depots.

BRH ViaBus

A project carried out in cooperation with a German transport company - BRH ViaBus, aimed at organizing driver recruitment in Poland, to service local and school bus routes in various regions of the federal states in southwestern Germany.

First Group

A project carried out for the largest British bus operator which included the preparation of a series of reports on the potential of the Polish public transport market as well as the possibilities and legitimacy of the acquisition of selected PKS companies.

Alexander Dennis

A one-off report which included an analysis of demand for buses from regional and intercity transport operators, as well as an assessment of the feasibility and legitimacy of launching a production line of Alexander Dennis buses in Poland.

Bus Éireann

Bus Éireann is one of the largest bus operators in Ireland. In the years 2014-2015, PTH carried out, at the request of the company's Management Board, an analysis of efficiency of asset use in the carrier's bases in various regions of Ireland.

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